Dalia Neis is a writer, filmmaker, and sound artist.


Coming Soon: Zephyrian Spools (forthcoming 2019)– an unfilmable script inspired by Victor Sjöström 's The Wind(1928), and Orson Welle's The Other Side of the Wind (1970-2018), published by the Knives Forks & Spoons poetry press.

A selection of art criticism, film writing, & essays can be found in The Brooklyn Rail, Makhzin,
Hyperallergic ,and here.


Dalia is co-founder of WANDA – an imprint that releases albums and radio shows which traverse the cinematic, literary, and sonic spheres. As Dice Miller, she is front person and lyricist of the musical/poetry group FITH

FITH's debut 12" album was released on WANDA. Their second album will be released on Outer Reaches (forthcoming March 2019). You can listen to their single _'Forest'_.

Celluloid Corridors
Dice Miller, Mohamed A. Gawad & Andreas Reihse |Label: Wanda | 2017 | Cassette / DL

Celluloid Corridors

"...A bed of concrète electronics and head-bending, illusive effects on the 5th release by Berlin/Salford’s highly curious Wanda project...The texts to Timehelix and Sermon are included on the inlay for anyone who struggles to follow the readings, which appear to cross sonic/literary leylines between critical film theory, psychogeography and sound poetry with a synaesthetic short-circuiting of the senses and experimental convention. " Boomkat

Saints of Cinema
Dice Miller & Michael Holland | Label: Wanda / Ono | 2017 | 3" / DL

Saints of Cinema (3

"File in your outer limits/imagined avant garde film soundtrack shelf." Boomkat

Label: Wanda | 2016 | 12" Vinyl / DL


"Quietly alluring debut LP of post punk-tempered avant-pop songs and cinematic mise-en-scene from Fith: a canny proposition revolving filmmaker/vocalist Dalia Neis a.k.a Dice Miller, plus Lori Goldstone (Nirvana, Earth), Alex Paulick (Kreidler), and Enid Da; released on the Berlin/Manchester co-operative, Wanda, who previously issued an excellent, imagined soundtrack-cum-compilation, Wanda is not here earlier this summer. Crepuscular, oneiric, anchronistic, Fith unfolds a spellbinding narrative guided by protagonist, Dice Miller, a poised and coolly possessed character who flits from dubbed-out glossolalia recalling Negra Branca to an icier, detached aloofness almost recalling John Balance, and even percolated choral arrangements reminding of Maya S.K. Ratkje, but always returning to a hushed delivery, mixed with uncanny presence at front and centre of the soundfield." Boomkat

Wanda is Not Here
Mixtape |Label: Wanda / Ono | 2016 | Cassette / DL

Wanda is Not Here (Cassette / DL) Label: Wanda / Ono

"The inaugural release by a new UK/German label, Wanda is a cassette mixtape intended as a homage to Barbara Loden’s 1970 film, Wanda. These simple premises work as a unifying concept helping the integration of a variety of tracks into a miraculously coherent, alternative soundtrack... " Continuo Docs

Spinoza's Vision
Label: Cosmic Laughter | 2011 | 7" Vinyl

“Was Spinoza familiar with medieval Islamic thought? Did he, a heretic Jew, see himself in a line with other heretics and rationalist skeptics some of whom also turned to optics to study the most fundamental laws of nature? And did he in his dreams see the golden light from the Hispanic peninsula, the home of his ancestors? We don’t know, and Dalia Neis doesn’t. But, different from us, she tries to imagine him imagining these traces and webs of relationship. Did he “somehow” invent cinema, the very art of light capable of a singular truth he thought was only accessible to philosophers? Of course not. And Dalia Neis knows he didn’t. But she dares to imagine that he did and that, therefore, cinema, philosophy, heresy and the art of crafting lenses somehow do share the same space, making Spinoza, once again, our contemporary, our neighbor, in the cinema seat.” Martin Saar


From autumn 2019 onwards, Dalia's film work will be distributed by the Arsenal - Institut für Film und Videokunst e.V.

Charles Bronson Is Ibn Arabi
Filmmaker: Dalia Neis | Camera: Damien Sanville
2010 | 12 Min | Digital | Supported with a grant from The Elephant Trust Foundation.

Missing Meilich
Filmmaker: Dalia Neis | Camera: Sven O. Hill | Editor: Laurie Yule | Sound: Laurie Yule & Dalia Neis |2004 | 22 min | Super-8 Colour & B/W | Betacam SP | Commisioned by RTBF-Carré Noir

Filmmaker: Dalia Neis
2006 | 5 min | B/W | 16mm | Silent

Goray 1648
Filmmaker: Dalia Neis | Editor: Laurie Yule | Sound: Dalia Neis & Laurie Yule
2007 | 8 min | 16mm Colour & B/W | Digital | Supported with a Grant for the Arts Award

Lotte & The Swan
Filmmakers: Dalia Neis & Thomas Dylan Eaton | 2008 | 3 min | 16mm Colour | Silent

Filmmaker: Dalia Neis |
2005 | 3 min | 16mm B/W| Silent

Lalla Soulika
Filmmaker: Dalia Neis | Editor: Laurie Yule | Sound: Laurie Yule & Dalia Neis | 2005 | 4 min | Super 8 Colour| Digital

When I Find You Again it will be in Mountains
Filmmaker: Dalia Neis | Camera: Sven Olaf Hill | Cast: Josette Chiang & Helen Buckwheat | Producer: Dan Brilliant | 2003 | 9 min | Super 8 Colour| Digital

Miro Romipen
Filmmakers: Dalia Neis, Patrik Soergel & Patrick Conka | 2001 | 5 min Colour | 16mm/ Digital | Commisioned by Swiss/Italian TV | Winner of the 8th International artistic competition "Amico Rom".

Bike Ride
Filmmaker: Dalia Neis | Camera: David Wnendt | Editor: Tajana Pavicevic |2001 | 5 min | Super 8 Colour | Digital | Nominated for the first prize at FAMU Film competition by the film director, Věra Chytilová.

Filmmaker : Conceived by Dalia Neis in collaboration with Queen Mary Literature students | Editor: Caleb Botton | Narrator: Prof. Jacqueline Rose
1999 | 5 min | Super 8 Colour & B/W | Digital


Dalia has taught courses and workshops on experimental film, cinema history, sound, theory, and poetics across a number of art colleges, universities, further education colleges, and community centers across the UK and Europe. She graduated with a first class honours in English Literature at Queen Mary (University of London), an MA in the History of Film & Visual Media at Birkbeck College (University of London), a filmmaking diploma at FAMU (Academy of Film & Television, Prague), and a PhD on cinematic representations of wind and the essay form.


Dalia has exhibited, screened, and performed her work solo, and with her group, FITH, in a variety of venues and locations including abandoned and disused cinemas (Cinema Mele - Calabria), active cinemas (Bristol Cube Microplex, the ICA -London), auditoriums and museums (The Jewish Museum - Frankfurt am Main, Centre d'Art Contemporain - Genève, The Tate Modern - London), bookshops (The Calder bookshop - London) and night clubs (Cantine am Berghain - Berlin, Yucatan Extensión - Vilnius).